Time flies when you’re having kids

I am sure everyone’s parents told them the same thing as kids: as you get older, every year goes by faster. I thought they were nuts, as any 10-year-old with knowledge of the Roman Calendar would. Every year is the same (well, except for Leap Year). That is, until you have kids. Then the hustle and bustle of daily life makes the time between New Year’s and Easter fly by. Or that is how it seemed to me again this year. And here we are, a few days past Easter, and Avery turns two today!

I remember the days leading up to her birth so well. My mom was visiting from North Carolina and we had a pretty big earthquake (6.7 or so) on Easter Sunday. It was the worst I’ve ever felt and my mom was curling her hair upstairs and barely noticed. So strange! Anyway, we went to dinner at Outback and left quickly when I started having contractions. I was 36 weeks pregnant and already dilated, so after Clay being born early and coming in just a few hours, I wasn’t taking any chances. We went home and they went away just as quickly as they’d appeared. I started maternity leave at 36 weeks and really hoped to have a few weeks off to organize some things before she arrived. I had a doctor’s appointment that Friday afternoon and asked my doctor not to check me, as it caused contractions the last time and I had a wedding to attend the next day. We took Clay to the park around 5:00 p.m., then out to dinner. And the contractions started again. What was it with food? Couldn’t I just enjoy a meal (preferably one full of carbs and cheese) out?

We decided to head home and this time the contractions did not stop. We got Clay ready for bed and told him there was a chance we may not be there in the morning and that his baby sister might be coming. We gave him his “Sheepie” and he was out. He didn’t seem to care. Chase’s brother was visiting his parents, and he and Chase’s mom came over to stay with Clay. The contractions were still about eight minutes apart so we decided to wait it out a bit. This was a surprising decision with my past history. But I would rather be at home than in the hospital because I could eat there! (hmm…pattern here?) I did some final packing and curled my hair knowing I wouldn’t be able to shower for a while after she was born and my fine locks look less greasy with curl and some hair spray. I made Chase have a beer because he was pacing around the house and making me nervous.

We left for the hospital, around 10:45 p.m. The pain got worse once we arrived, so I asked for an epidural and moments after it started I felt like I was waiting for a spa treatment. The hospital was quiet, I was in a bed under a white sheet with the lights down low. Chase fell asleep. I rested and imagined my baby girl. The nurse came in along with a midwife (who luckily was not a hippie advocating for natural childbirth, as I very much enjoy epidurals) and told me it was time to have a baby. Three pushes and a few minutes later, there she was. Avery Grace was born at 3:17 a.m. on 4/10/10 in La Jolla, California. She screamed the entire time they were checking her. My first thought was she might be a tough baby. The minute they handed her to me I fed her and she was immediately quiet. A baby girl just like her mommy, all she wanted was some food.


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