Bad hair years

I got a lot of warnings from mom friends before I had kids, some of which have come true. They said: 1.) your car will be a mess – not true  2.) you won’t have time to paint your nails – true for the first year of Avery’s life, but I’ve found time again  3.) you won’t have time to read magazines – true. No one warned me that I was destined for a lifetime of bad hair days!

I’ve never had long, lustrous locks. I have naturally fine hair, which was very blonde as a kid, but has gotten darker blonde over the years. I combat this change with highlights, though at times I’ve experimented with lowlights to match my natural color. In the past year or so, I’ve decided that, while low maintenance, lowlights are a waste of money. Why pay someone to dye your hair its natural color?

My aunt was a hair stylist, and as a kid I admired her perfectly hot rolled hair (this was the 80s). She had three kids (including twins), but it was her job to look good. Fittingly, my college job was as a receptionist in a hair salon, and they did my hair for free so I would make a good first impression on clients. I never had roots or split ends. It wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly better than it is now. I also got discounts on styling products and most importantly, I had time. I could blow dry my hair completely without interruption and could spend hours at the salon because no one was waiting for me at home. In D.C. and my early years in San Diego, I spent a lot of money on it, but my hair looked okay. I had a great stylist and fancy hair products. And again, the time.

Then I had kids. I wanted to spend time with them instead of styling my hair, I started to leave the house with wet hair or a ponytail. Even my beloved salon visits were cut short because a baby wouldn’t take a bottle or a nap. I couldn’t justify spending $35 on shampoo or volumizing mousse when I was paying a small fortune for child care.

Lately I’ve been buying Bloomspot deals to try new salons, thinking someone will give me the hair I’ve always dreamed of. And if not, at least I’m saving money. I’ve tried different styles and stylists, but nothing has helped. I keep hearing commercials for Ovation Cell Therapy and have considered trying it. Or going back to my pricey Kerastase hair products and waking up five minutes earlier to dry my hair properly. It may take time and money, but at least I won’t groan every time I look in the mirror at yet another ponytail!


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