iGoogle is my home page and every day they present a “Word of the Day.” I’m pretty sure it’s targeted at middle schoolers, but that’s okay because it makes me feel smart (Yes! I know the word again!). After six days of vacation, today’s word “groggy” resonated with me, as I feel “stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion).” No one hit me on vacation, but we did enjoy some a lot of drinks and I slept in a room with two small children and a man who snores.

Is this a coincidence or is Google somehow stalking my amusement park visiting, ball game watching, surprise party hosting, horse race betting, bar hopping activities of the past week? How did they know? Facebook check-ins (which my sister-in-law did everywhere we went)? Maybe they are trying to remind me that I am too old for phone pranks and late night chats around fire pits.

Groggy or not, I had a nice break from reality, and so did my kids. I will be pretty freaked out if tomorrow’s word is “relief,” as in the way I’ll feel in late afternoon, when I can take a vacation from my vacation. At least until Monday, when I’m hoping “rejuvenated” is my word of the day.


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