Potty time?

Avery is 28 months old today, which is the age Clay was when we started potty training him.  I bought Mickey Mouse underwear on a Thursday, planning to start over the weekend, but he saw them and wanted to wear them right away. We put them on that Friday and never looked back. Our nanny, Megan, put him on potty every hour that day, and we continued through the weekend. After that, we’d remind him to go every few hours. He had occasional accidents, but not many. He wore Pull-Ups at naps and nighttime for a week or two and to this day (knock on wood), he has NEVER wet the bed. Everyone warned me that potty training your first kid and any boy is hell, but it wasn’t for us. So training a second-born, who is a girl, should be a piece of cake, right? Well, I’m not so sure.

When she was 17 months old, Avery became very interested in the potty. She wanted to go all the time. She’d go on our little frog potty in the morning and before bed, but at that age she wasn’t ready to be fully trained. With her early start, I thought she’d definitely be potty trained right when she turned two. Then a funny thing happened – she lost interest. Maybe she peaked early, like an athlete? Her second birthday came and went and by then she would only go on the potty a few times a week.

So now she is the magic age….28 months. Other than talking, she has reached every milestone at an earlier age than Clay. I have about 30 diapers left and my mom is coming to visit next week. She will be home with the kids and could easily put Avery on the potty every hour. She wants princess undies. I want a potty trained kid. I don’t want to waste time (battling her to go, doing extra laundry) or money (buying diapers or underwear she won’t wear).   

I’m not sure if she’s ready, but I guess the only way to find out is to buy some princess underwear and leave them out, like I did with the Mickey ones, and hope she wants to wear them. As hard as it is for me (control freak, I know!) I’ll let her lead the way, and hope she ends up on a potty. Otherwise Clay’s new laundry skills may come in very handy.


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