Synchronized sleeping

As always, we enjoyed watching the Summer Olympics this year. I even learned of a new sport, synchronized diving. Apparently it was in the last Olympics, but I had a newborn at the time, so I must have slept through it. Synchronized swimming was there as well. It got me thinking how much our family could use some synchronized sleeping right about now.

Clay has always been an early bird, going to bed by 7:30 p.m., but waking before 6:00 a.m. We got lucky with Avery. She slept from 7-7 starting at seven weeks old, and this lasted until two months ago when she moved into a toddler bed (after crawling out of her crib and sneaking out of her room repeatedly). The toddler bed ruined everything. Our perfect sleeper began coming in our room during the night. She’ll usually go back to sleep if we take her to her room, but then it takes me a while to fall asleep again, only to be woken by Chase’s alarm for the gym at 4:55 and mine for work at 5:40. She doesn’t always come in during the night, but sometimes she’ll wake up very early, ready to start the day. Just our luck, at the same time, Clay has decided he’s going to sleep a bit later. He’s not answered my prayers and slept past 7:00 a.m. yet, but 6:40 is a big improvement after four years of 5:45.

We wake up early during the week anyway, but on the weekends I would rather not get up while it’s still dark outside. I’ve never been one of those girls who slept until noon (even before kids) because I felt like I was wasting a day. I’ve seen this alarm clock that uses colors to tell toddlers when they can get out of bed, but I think it’s unlikely Avery (our independent child) would follow that. I realize our kids are almost two years apart, so their sleep needs are different, but why are they so inconsistent all of a sudden?

If synchronized sleeping were an Olympic sport, our kids would not make it past the trials. I don’t drink coffee, though over the past few months with this toddler bed (and our nighttime visitor), I wish I did. So what’s a non-caffienated mom to do?


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