Chatty Clay

When Clay went to preschool on Wednesday, I thought he might miss his sister, but was not at all concerned that he wouldn’t make friends or if he’d like his teachers. He likes everyone and it doesn’t occur to him that some kids may be less outgoing than he is. On his second day, the teachers had nametags for the kids. When Chase dropped him off that morning, they smiled and said that Clay didn’t really need one, they already know his name. It made me laugh, then wonder what the notes on his report card will say in a few years. Maybe that he needs to “practice self-control” and “raise his hand before speaking” and “not talk so much to other kids.” Oh wait, that was me…and probably Chase too.

Chase and I were both communications majors and we make a living communicating. We talk several times throughout the day, then more when we get home. It’s hardly surprising that our kids were both early talkers and haven’t stopped since the early days of “mama” and “dada” and “ball.” There are pluses and minuses to chatty children. We may have had fewer tantrums because they were able to communicate needs/wants, but we also have very few moments of silence.

We’re used to it and so were Clay’s daycare teachers. Now it’s a new group. Kids and teachers wondering what to make of this blond kid in khaki shorts who never stops talking. I would love to be a fly on the wall. Kids who are big talkers aren’t always the best listeners. Neither are talkative adults, but if you gave me a video feed of that classroom, even I would be silent. I am dying to know what he does there all day, what he talks to the other kids about. My guess is naptime and meal times are the only times he’s quiet. It’s who he is. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


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