Easy grocery shopping?

Wow, Monday already. For the past few years, I’ve done certain chores on the same day each week. I like to make sure we have food and clean clothes, so I do grocery shopping on Sundays and laundry on Mondays. Since those two also happen to be my least favorite, not having them hanging over my head all week is nice, too.

I didn’t make it to the grocery store yesterday. A friend who is going through a hard time right now came over. It was more important to spend time with him, so my plans to the go to the store fell to the wayside. I was secretly glad to have an excuse not to go. I love to eat, but I don’t love buying food!

When I lived in D.C., I walked to Whole Foods. I was single and didn’t have to buy a lot. It was quick and easy and I could afford it. My distaste for grocery shopping began when I moved to California and found myself driving (!) to three different stores. I went to Costco (for meat and snacks), Vons/Ralph’s (for brand name items like cereals, ketchup) and Trader Joe’s (for dairy products, fruits, veggies, beans). It was time consuming, but it was the best way to get the items l wanted at a reasonable price.

About a year ago, we got a Fresh & Easy in our neighborhood. I’ve jokingly said it has changed my life. I know they don’t have them everywhere, but for those who do, try it out! It’s a small store, so you don’t waste time searching 30 aisles. They have organic and local items, but also have the name brand cereals and peanut butter that your kids like. Prices are fair and if you sign up for their email program, they send you a coupon every week. Mine is typically $10 off $50 (booze cannot count for your total, which is a bit of a disadvantage in our house haha). I still go to Costco for meat, bread, school snacks and other staples, so I get our produce, dairy and sides for meals for $50 (so $40 after my coupon) a week. Not bad for a family of four. The one complaint I’ve heard from neighbors is that you have to bag your own groceries. In my experience, if you have kids with you or more than 15 items, that’s not the case. The workers take pity on you and bag them for you. Oh and did I mention it’s a two-minute drive from our house, and their parking lot is never too full? I’m sold!

Although I’ve found Fresh & Easy, I still don’t enjoy grocery shopping. I considered letting Chase take over the job, but when Avery was a few days old I asked him to go to the store and gave him a list of five items. He came home with 10 things. Only two of them were on my list. The remaining three must have gotten lost somewhere by the Doritos.

Vons offers a grocery delivery service, for $6.95.  I probably spend $2 driving to the store, so the money would totally be worth it and since we get a lot of the same foods each week, I think it could work well for us. Has anyone tried it? How is the service? Any other tips for saving time and money on groceries?


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