Daily deals

If I have a spending vice, it’s that I’m a sucker for a bargain. The explosion of “daily deals” like Groupon, Bloomspot, Gilt, Amazon Local, Living Social and the like can be very dangerous for people like me. “But it was a great deal!” is something I’ve said to Chase more than once. A great deal on something you need is a smart buy, but buying something just because it’s a bargain is another story. Daily deals can save you the time of shopping around for the best price, but they can also waste time, from the time it takes to get through them in your email inbox every day, to the time spent rushing around to use them before they expire.

To limit the time and money spent, I only subscribe to a few deal emails. I initially signed up for more, but opening my inbox to 20 of these emails daily stressed me out. I eventually weeded out the ones I was most likely to buy from, which left Bloomspot and Amazon Local.

Bloomspot is my favorite, as their deals are focused on travel, salons, spas and dining. I realize I don’t need any of these things, but we like getting away for a special occasion or having a nice dinner (without kids!), so why not get a deal when we do? I also have highlights in my hair and thanks to Bloomspot I haven’t paid full price for my hair in more than two years. It means I have to be flexible, but I read the reviews of the salon/stylist on yelp before I purchase them and I’ve never had a bad experience. The other nice thing about the Bloomspot certificates is that you go to your appointment or hotel and it’s already paid for, since you pay for the voucher at the time of purchase. I like walking out of the salon for just the cost of the tip or checking out of a hotel with a zero balance (assuming we didn’t charge drinks to our room, which without kids is unlikely haha).

Amazon Local is mostly focused on local services. I’ve bought things ranging from car detailing to window washing to photo printing at huge discounts. It’s also how I found my beloved Dailey Method studio. They also make it easy for me because all of my info is already stored in my Amazon account, so it’s two clicks to buy and easy to access my vouchers when I’m ready to use them.

Other than limiting my subscriptions, one thing that has saved me from overspending is to not open the email unless the item in the subject line is something I’m already considering purchasing. If I don’t need what they’re offering that day, I delete it immediately to lessen the chance of temptation and impulse buying. Would I like teeth whitening? Sure, but would I be seeking it out? No, so into the trash it goes.

I read a post on Daily Worth last week about bad experiences with deal purchases. I’ve been lucky with Bloomspot and Amazon Local purchases that the companies always stand by their deals and treat those customers as well as those paying full price. I think the companies that partner with Amazon and Bloomspot recognize this is a chance to win new customers, and do their best to make people happy. It’s worked on me several times, with Dailey Method as my prime example.

Saving money without investing a lot of time? I’ll take that deal any day!


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