Homemade Halloween costumes

I hope I didn’t fool you with the title of this post – I am not going to offer any tips for making Halloween costumes. I got an email from Real Simple this morning, linking to an article about DIY costumes, which I am happy to pass along for those so inclined. They make it sound so easy, which it very well may be, if you have time to search around your house for costume materials, and the money to spend on the items you don’t already have.

Chase remembers his mom making his costumes as a kid, and he mentioned that on Clay’s first Halloween. I smiled and told him we’d be buying costumes. There are several reasons for this: 1) I am not crafty 2) I do not own (nor do I know how to use) a sewing machine 3) Time is money!

In the past few years, I’ve purchased costumes from Target, Costco, Old Navy, Diapers.com and Amazon.com. I’ve been able to buy exactly what I want for $20 or less, with no effort besides a click of a mouse or a stroll through a different aisle while we’re already out shopping.

Yes, it would be wonderful for our kids to have memories of mommy making their costumes. But the reality would be me staying up late, cursing at fabric and scissors, while trying to put together something that doesn’t look like a kid made it. The kids and I don’t need that memory. It might save a little money, but the time and my sanity wouldn’t be worth it.

Captain America and Sleeping Beauty will be so excited when the boxes arrive from Amazon! Pictures to come…


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