Weekday sickness vaccine

She asked, “What are you doing, Dad? I don’t feel good.”

I know I’m not the only working parent who wishes there were another vaccine they could add to the plethora that kids get: one to ensure that they don’t get sick on weekdays. The home daycare we use has a very strict sick policy, even a runny nose gets you kicked out. I have mixed feelings about this. As a working mom, it’s stressful,  but I do think my kids get sick less often from school than they otherwise might.

I have three weeks of paid time off per year. I have two kids. Do the math and you will quickly realize that a good portion of my time off will be spent at home with sick kids. Chase has separate sick time, so he actually stays home with sick kids more than me. The only time I miss my old job is when the kids are sick. Working for a university, I had more sick time than I knew what to do with. Now on top of the added stress of my kid feeling crappy, I worry about missing work.

I also find it interesting that kids seem to get sick at the most inopportune times. Chase’s parents live in San Diego from November to March, meaning we would have backup childcare. Last year, neither child got sick even once in that time period (five months!). Since March (when they left town), Avery has been sick three times and Clay once. I got a text at 11:30 a.m. today that Avery had a fever. Chase and I both had important meetings this afternoon, but he was able to get his assistant to cover his, so he went to get her. I’m at work, wondering about my sweet girl. Fortunately, her dad takes good care of her and sends me sweet pictures like the one above.

Now if only my future doctor (or so Clay says) would get to work on that no-weekday sickness vaccine!


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