Five baby items you should keep

My mom flew in last night to celebrate our birthdays together: we’re doing a spa day tomorrow and I can’t wait! As usual, I wanted to clean up before she arrived. The kids bathe in our bathroom, so fortunately, their bathroom isn’t too messy. I brought the Windex upstairs, but forgot the 409 to wipe down the countertops. I’d had a long day and rather than going back downstairs I decided to use baby wipes instead.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve used wipes for cleaning and on my way to work this morning I started to think of the baby items that I’ve multi-purposed. Here’s a list of five things that may be worth hanging onto, even after your kids outgrow them:

1. Number one has to be baby wipes. In fact, it should probably be 1 through 5. But in addition to its intended purpose of cleaning messy diapers and wiping down countertops, it can be used to: clean walls and baseboards, get stains out of clothing (if used immediately) and wash your face. It feels soft and smells good and you can buy 900 of them at Costco for less than $20. My kids are potty-trained (hooray!), but I will continue to buy baby wipes until Chase and I are wearing diapers ourselves.

2. Bottle brushes. I have an Oxo one that I really like. My kids hated bottles, but were forced to take them when I went back to work. I used this brush to clean those and pumping supplies, but it’s also great for sippy and other cups. Oh, and probably the most useful: it cleans wine and champagne glasses without any streaks. Because mommy needs her “juice” too!

3. Infant wash cloths. I registered for all blue ones when I was pregnant with Clay, and bought new pink ones when Avery was born. My kids outgrew them (there is more surface area to cover these days), so I was about to throw them out, when I realized they would be great for dusting and other household chores. They now live with the cleaning supplies instead of in the bathroom.

4. Diaper bags. Most diaper bags have a lot of pockets and are waterproof on the inside. They make great beach or pool bags and are also perfect when heading to an amusement park. I got a new diaper bag when I had Avery, so if I had my original one from Clay I would probably want to burn it at this point. I totally understand if, after years of diapers, you want to get rid of yours. Luckily, I sold my first one on Craigslist (for almost what my mom paid for it!)

5. Baby spoons. Make awesome stir sticks for cocktails. I imagine they would do the same for coffee, though I prefer booze to caffeine. Please don’t judge me. We all do what we have to do to get through the week with kids.

My first instinct when we don’t need something is to eliminate the clutter by selling it on Craigslist, or giving it to a friend or charity. These five things I’m keeping. And even if you don’t have kids, it might be worth it to invest in baby wipes and a bottle brush. Your baseboards and wine glasses will thank you.


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