Why moms drink wine

I grew up in a house where my dad drank beer and my mom didn’t drink at all. I have memories of my first beer bong experience (and subsequent puking) in high school, my first legal drink with my dad (tequila sunrise) and the first drink (Coors Light) I had after giving birth. Despite the puking, they are all happy memories. Since I’m a control freak, I don’t drink a lot around my kids, but I do enjoy a drink here and there.

In college, I drank: 1) beer at frat parties 2) whiskey snuck into sodas at football games 3) the ladies’ night specials at our favorite bar. As we’ve gotten older, most of my girl friends have turned to drinking wine, but I resisted for years. I liked the taste just fine, but Chase drank beer and it was easier to just buy one thing. I feared the headaches. This year I decided that I should try to drink more wine, since on top of helping you relax, there are heart health benefits and with my family history, it couldn’t hurt.

Last week a friend sent me four bottles of wine and now I’ve realized why moms drink wine.

1.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not cold, it still tastes good. This is probably the biggest advantage. I remember when I was pregnant and my coworker said “enjoy warm eggs while you can.” I didn’t understand what she meant until the day we brought Clay home from the hospital. We picked up food, but I didn’t eat until two hours later, after several feedings and diaper changes. My kids are older now, but they always need something at an inopportune time. I’ve gotten used to cold food, but I hate warm beer or melted ice in a cocktail. But room temperature red wine is still good!

2.  Your husband won’t drink it all. Many husbands will drink wine, but most I know prefer beer. On the rare occasion I’d crave a beer after work, I’d go to the fridge and realize Chase drank the last one. He may have a glass of wine with me, but he’s not going to finish off the bottle alone.

3.  It’s nice to sip while you cook. I am not a gourmet chef. I have friends who love to cook, but I just love to eat. I’m always hurriedly preparing food, so the wine helps me enjoy the process a bit more.

4.  It’s fun to share with friends. Whether you’re out to eat or having a girl’s night in, it’s fun to share a bottle with people whose company you enjoy. You’re not going to split a can of Coors Light or a bottle of Blue Moon, but sharing a bottle of wine is a good bonding experience. Especially when everyone has red teeth.

5.  It helps you relax. Stress is bad for you, relaxing is good. Busy moms rarely relax. So if something in a pretty glass can keep you smiling when your toddler colors on your walls, enjoy it!

I know I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve joined the wine-drinking mommy club. At least until next weekend when I’m tailgating for FSU homecoming, and I’m back to my beer and whiskey roots.

Cheers to a relaxing weekend!


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