Election Day: “where are they going to run?”

Our little voters

Happy Election Day! As a former employee of a swing state governor and D.C. resident, I have such fond memories of Election Day. I’m sure those in the battleground states are ready for the campaign to be over. When we were in Florida a few weeks ago, a campaign blimp flew over our football tailgate. California isn’t really a tossup, so presidential candidates don’t spend money here (they do raise it here, though). As annoying as the advertising can be, I miss it. My friend Elise said to me a few weeks ago, “you can take a girl out of D.C., but can’t take D.C. out of the girl.” She’s right.

Despite my desire to save time, there is something special about going to the polls on Election Day, so I vote in person, usually first thing in the morning. If you find lines annoying, register to be a mail voter for the next election. It saves time, and you can make your voice heard from the comfort of your own home.

We took our kids with us to vote this morning and were among the first in line. Avery thought we said we were going on a boat, rather than going to vote. She was a little disappointed until I told her I’d take her out to breakfast afterwards (that kid loves food!).

When we arrived at our polling place, Clay walked in and said to me, “where are they going to run? There’s not enough room for them to play.” We’ve told him who was running for president and he knows who we want to win, so in his head it was an athletic competition of some sort. If only it were that simple.

Voting isn’t simple, but it is important. There are so many issues at stake in this election, which I’m not going to get into here. I’ve seen people de-friended on Facebook and fights on Twitter because of political posts. It’s silly. I have friends who have radically different political views than I do. Sure, sometimes they make my blood boil, but at least they care. The people who really bother me are those who don’t vote. People complain about the state of our country, yet do nothing about it. The presidential race is just one item on the ballot. There are local races and propositions that will impact you and your children for years to come. So do your family a favor: vote!


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