Little things I’m thankful for, day 2: drive-through pharmacy

My local CVS (complete with broken “D”)

Before kids, I would go by drive through pharmacies and wonder who used them other than elderly people. Are people really so lazy that they can’t walk into the drugstore? This was coming from a girl in her 20s, who rarely got sick. Gosh, was I naive.

I have been fortunate that Clay has only been prescribed antibiotics twice and Avery never has. (I am knocking on wood right now). Clay was eight months old when he got an ear infection. He was grouchy and uncomfortable. That was my first trip through the drive-through pharmacy. It was great to be able to keep him in his car seat, where he had finally fallen asleep.

My second trip through the drive-through, was only a few weeks later when I developed mastitis. For those of you who don’t know what that is, you’re lucky. It’s like having the flu, but add in the extra treat of having a breast that feels like it’s on fire. Good times! I might have passed out if I got out of my car. The antibiotics my doctor called in were a Godsend and I don’t think I’ve been inside the pharmacy since.

I drove through last night to pick up a prescription for myself. While I waited, I checked email, looked at Facebook and didn’t have to stand in line next to the creepy guy who doesn’t respect others’ personal space. While drive-through prescriptions cost the same as going into the drugstore, you don’t pass by the temptation of gossip magazines and new hair products, so you are less likely to buy things you don’t need. There is a chance you’ll save money after all!

I’ve realized those “lazy people” I used to wonder about are just busy. Thanks, CVS for making the little things easier!


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