Dad saves the day

Pajama day at preschool

Pajama day at preschool

Like everyone else, this time of year is crazy for our family. We had plans every night this week, so that left us packing lunches late at night and doing homework early in the morning. Everyone has crazy weeks and we’re making it work. When I say “we,” I mean “we.”

On Wednesdays, I take the kids to school and we strolled up in Clay’s normal winter ensemble of a long sleeve sports-themed t-shirt and jeans. I wondered why kids were wearing their pajamas, then had a flashback to something Clay mentioned the night before: “Mommy, tomorrow is pajama day.” I told him he must be confused because I hadn’t received an email about it, but that I would write his teacher and ask. I should have emailed from the parking lot, rather than thinking I would do it when I got home. Somehow it slipped my mind while I did five loads of laundry, wrote Christmas cards and made dinner.

The elementary school where Clay attends preschool sends out a lot of email. I only skim over most of them, but I do read the ones I get each Friday discussing the upcoming week. Nowhere in Friday’s email was information about “pajama day,” which, as it turns out, was yesterday. Even his teacher was dressed in her pajamas (i.e. a Juicy sweat suit). I felt terrible. We are four months into preschool and because of the weekly emails, I’ve remembered inside out day, favorite college day and sports day. There Clay was with no jammies and a sad face. I thought about running home, but getting Avery in and out of the car three more times would have made me late. I apologized before leaving and Clay smiled, because that’s the kind of kid he is.

I told Chase about my “mommy fail” when I got to work and fortunately he had a meeting near our house. He ran home before his meeting and got Clay’s pajamas and took them to him at school. Clay lit up when he saw Chase and they went to the bathroom to get changed. He had the same pj’s as a friend at school (thanks to Costco), which they both thought was pretty cool.

It was the first time we missed something at school, but with two busy parents, it won’t be the last. This time, Chase saved the day! Next time it might be me.


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