Who needs Santa when you can shop online?

One day's of deliveries

One day of deliveries

I don’t know how moms made Christmas happen before online shopping. Our Elf on the Shelf Mickey is cute, but he doesn’t really make presents for Santa. If it weren’t for online shopping, I would have had a breakdown and I most certainly wouldn’t be done with my shopping already.

It’s a running joke between Chase and I: if I can’t buy it online, I’m probably not buying it. There are exceptions of course, but this Christmas shopping season they were few and far between. I had to buy for about 25 people and I got nearly everything online. I went to Target for stocking stuffers and wrapping paper. I also visited a small boutique and a Bath & Body Works store near my office. I never went to a mall, yet finished my shopping earlier than ever thanks to online shopping.

Five reasons I love shopping online:

1. You can do it from the comfort of your own home.

This one seems obvious, but it’s value could be underrated. The first thing I do when I get home from work is change my clothes. I can shop online in my pajamas, from the iPad, sitting next to the kids in the bath. My car is parked safely in the garage and I am not circling the Nordstrom parking lot hoping to find a single, young person leaving (because we all know families and old people take forever). As much as I love Christmas music, I do not miss the crowds or pushy salespeople.

2. You can solicit another opinion.

I am terribly indecisive when it comes to gift purchases. Should I buy her a white or a red sweater? Should I order it now or wait until it goes on sale? I shop online in bed a lot and it is easy for me to ask Chase to take a look at an item I’m considering. He makes fun of me for stressing over such small decisions, but it’s who I am. He helps me make these seemingly easy choices. I assume you could get others’ opinions when shopping in person too, but whose husband will go shopping with them?

3. Shipping boxes can also serve as gift hiding places.

I realize my kids are still young and this may not last forever, but every single Christmas gift I’ve bought is in a corner of our garage, still in their shipping boxes. The kids have no idea that the Cars and Disney Princess toys they’ve been dreaming about are two feet away from them every time they get in or out of the car. For people like us who don’t have a lot of storage space, being able to keep the gifts in the one place we do have some room, without anyone realizing what’s inside, is invaluable.

4. You can procrastinate.

Sales get better and shipping gets cheaper the closer you get to Christmas. I am subscribed to several store emails and learned last year that waiting to buy gifts can help you save money. The closer we’ve gotten to Christmas, the more emails I’ve received offering discounts and free express shipping. I didn’t follow my own advice this year though. There was one item I bought my brother and his wife from Pottery Barn. I was having it engraved, so I felt the need to order it early. Not two days passed before I got a coupon for 20 percent off and free shipping. If only I had waited…

5. You can compare prices.

I would never in a million years drive to more than one store to check prices on an item. Time is money, after all. But online, it takes one minute to check the price of an item on several sites. You can choose the best price with the lowest shipping cost.

Online shopping saves me money and more importantly, a lot of time. Maybe when Mickey the elf goes back to tell Santa that the kids are behaving themselves, he’ll also suggest online shopping. I’m sure Santa could use some bargains and time-saving tips, too.

Merry Christmas!


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