A sad goodbye to diapers.com

My baby girl will turn three next week. In the first few months of her life, I was as dependent on diapers.com as she was on me for food. I had two kids in diapers. I used baby shampoos, soaps and toothpaste. I loved everything about diapers.com. Free overnight shipping, no tax, and amazingly responsive customer service. When I was tired from sleepless nights and mistakenly ordered the wrong item, they replaced it without charging me. It was my fault, but they repeatedly did everything they could to make me happy.

For years, I’ve been a loyal customer. I’ve told friends about them and joked that they should pay me for all the good PR I’ve given them. So it was a sad goodbye when I unsubscribed from their email list today. It’s not because their customer service or product quality has declined or because (money-hungry) California caught up to them and they now apply tax on purchases. I simply don’t need the products they specialize in anymore.

Four strollers, five car seats, 100 sippy cups and God knows how many diapers later, I no longer have babies. I have a preschool-age child and an almost-kindergartner (I write, wiping away tears). Diapers.com sells some items for older kids, but most of their promotional emails don’t relate to these products, so over the past few months, their emails became clutter in my inbox. Yet I resisted unsubscribing, maybe hanging onto the baby stage just a bit longer.

If I need something, I’ll still check their site, or one of their sister sites, soap.com, yoyo.com or beautybar.com.  I will recommend diapers.com to all the new moms I know and I’ll buy baby gifts for friends on the site.

I remember reading the company story (they started in a garage) in a business magazine years ago and feeling good about giving my money to them. And it’s easy for me to get behind a service that saves me time and money. I’m not getting the emails anymore, but I’m forever grateful to the company that made having two babies in less than two years, just a little bit easier.


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