Christmas at great-grandma’s


We are back to work and school today, but I came across this picture on my phone this morning. The kids had a blast running around Chase’s grandma’s yard with their cousins on Christmas day. It is pretty amazing that Chase and his family played the same games, in that same yard, for the past 35+ years. Sometimes I get jealous that all of his relatives live nearby, because I miss mine so much, but I married into a great family.


Trimming the tree

Chase put up our outdoor Christmas decorations on Saturday, and the kids and I did the indoor decorations yesterday. When Chase got home from golfing, we worked together to do the tree. The kids were awfully proud of their hard work. I’m just proud I had the sense to buy the “unbreakable” ornaments when I saw them on sale at Target last Christmas.


Homemade Halloween costumes

I hope I didn’t fool you with the title of this post – I am not going to offer any tips for making Halloween costumes. I got an email from Real Simple this morning, linking to an article about DIY costumes, which I am happy to pass along for those so inclined. They make it sound so easy, which it very well may be, if you have time to search around your house for costume materials, and the money to spend on the items you don’t already have.

Chase remembers his mom making his costumes as a kid, and he mentioned that on Clay’s first Halloween. I smiled and told him we’d be buying costumes. There are several reasons for this: 1) I am not crafty 2) I do not own (nor do I know how to use) a sewing machine 3) Time is money!

In the past few years, I’ve purchased costumes from Target, Costco, Old Navy, and I’ve been able to buy exactly what I want for $20 or less, with no effort besides a click of a mouse or a stroll through a different aisle while we’re already out shopping.

Yes, it would be wonderful for our kids to have memories of mommy making their costumes. But the reality would be me staying up late, cursing at fabric and scissors, while trying to put together something that doesn’t look like a kid made it. The kids and I don’t need that memory. It might save a little money, but the time and my sanity wouldn’t be worth it.

Captain America and Sleeping Beauty will be so excited when the boxes arrive from Amazon! Pictures to come…

Hot dog hangover

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We had a fun day with friends at a festival and a barbecue and then we all walked down the street to watch fireworks. It was a great day, but a long one for adults and kids alike.

We are strict about the kids sleeping in their own beds at night, but in the mornings they sometimes crawl in bed with us. They were up until almost 10:00 p.m. for the fireworks so they both came in early, but immediately fell back asleep. Chase and I tiptoed around to get ready, so they could sleep as long as possible. I know Clay ate least two hot dogs, and God knows what Avery ate (she never stops eating!). Maybe a hot dog hangover is worse than one from booze… 

Still in their 4th of July shirts

The normally early birds don’t like being rushed to get ready, so they were a bit grouchy. I only buy Capri Suns for special occasions (and even then, only the flavored water kind – still no nutritional value, but supposedly they have less sugar) and there were some left over. So, I offered them Capri Suns with their breakfast…and let them bring them in my car. This doesn’t happen often, but desparate times call for desparate measures! Bribery isn’t always a bad thing. It made Clay smile and Avery started singing “happy birthday, America” again. Mission accomplished.

Chase drinks Diet Coke when he’s hungover, I drink Sprite. Apparently the cure for hot dog hangovers is Capri Sun flavored water.

 By the time I finally made it to work, I needed a drink too…

I don’t even drink coffee, this is hot chocolate.