Happy 5th birthday, mommy lost her job

My week started out great. I woke up early on Monday to get fresh donuts for Clay to take to school for his birthday. When I got to the office, I got an email from my boss requesting a late afternoon meeting, which seemed odd. I had a feeling right away that something was going on, since 1.) he rarely schedules meetings with me and 2.) the last time he did, he told me he was thinking about selling the company. The minute I walked in his office my suspicions were confirmed. I vaguely remember hearing something about the company “going in a different direction” and “letting you go.” I kept my composure, asked a few questions and went back to finish up my work before heading home.

Awesome timing, I thought. I find out I’m losing my job just a few hours before I’m supposed to host family and friends for my son’s fifth birthday celebration. I wasn’t going to let this ruin my kid’s birthday. I think I managed to pull it off, though Clay’s godmother and grandmother both noticed the vodka cocktail in my hand, which is not common for me on a Monday night. They were kind enough to not say anything until the next day when I told them about my job.

That night, with our guests gone and the kids in bed, Chase and I felt a lot like we did on the night Clay was born, exactly five years prior. He was five weeks early and born very quickly, so we were in shock. That night, we kept looking at each other and saying “what the f— just happened?” We did the same thing this past Monday. I woke up with a job and went to bed without one, just like the day in 2008 when I woke up without a baby and went to bed with one.

I spent two days in the hospital when Clay was born, and strangely enough, I only spent two more days in the office before leaving my job on Wednesday. I’m still in shock, but I hadn’t been happy for quite some time and wanted to start my own business, so in many ways it’s for the best. Like the day Clay was born, getting over the initial shock was the worst part. Having a baby was the best thing that ever happened to me and changed my life forever. I have this strange feeling that losing my job is the start of something amazing for our family.

Until I figure out the details, I’m enjoying more time with my kids, working out and just plain enjoying life more. God has a plan for me and that job wasn’t it. Tune in to find what is…with no day job, I will get to write a lot! Oh and let me know if you know anyone who needs a contract writer or content marketer 🙂